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We are eager to share with you ideas on how to more efficiently manage your clinical projects and the exchange of clinical data and medical images. Most importantly, how to do so while being regulatory compliant and respecting data privacy rules so that all stakeholders can act easier and faster, and so patients will get the best treatment available as soon as possible.

Latest articles

“80 percent of success lies in preparation”

I am convinced that “80 percent of success lies in preparation” when it comes to the role of medical images (DICOM) in the development of medical devices. In my guest article for the German trade journal MED engineering (please find the current issue here), I tell you why I see it that way. You can […]

Hermes Medical Solutions is official licensee of our web based decidemedical solution

We are proud to announce great news: Hermes Medical Solutions, the leading company when it comes to imaging software in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, signed an agreement to license our worldwide used decidemedical platform. Through the collaboration, a seamless data flow can be utilized, allowing sites to safely transfer their image data (in DICOM format) via the web […]

ClinFlows’ software helps children with heart disease across the globe

Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo (Cardiopathic Children in the World) works to reduce child mortality due to congenital heart diseases all over the world, especially in developing countries. Thanks to a donation from ClinFlows, a leading provider of online solutions for exchanging clinical data, the nonprofit organization can now provide global clinical advice and instructions much more easily and quickly.